Designed specifically for the iPhone, ( also on the iPad ), this app can be used on the go – no internet connection required.

Smart Vocab Tester


The objective of this App is to aid students in learning the OCR GCSE, the ISEB Common Entrance exams, and AS level Defined Vocabulary List (DVL) for Latin.


A Latin vocab tester that adapts to your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to focus on the vocabulary that you don’t know rather than the ones you do. It’s integrated SMART Questioning ensures that you never have to keep answering words you know more than once, twice, three, four or even five times depending on the setting you choose. Not only that, but you can reset the SMART Questioning at any time. Plus, as this feature works for every single exercise, you can reset any or all of the exercises at any point.

The tests focus on the words that you have still to get right. SMART Latin App is not just a testing tool, it is a learning tool as well.

  • You decide how and what you want to test yourself for revision:
  • Latin to English or English to Latin;
  • Multi-choice answers or you type in the answer;
  • Include or exclude verb principal parts as well as the first principal part;
  • All words or just those beginning with certain letters, or specific grammatical entities, e.g Verbs 2nd Conjugation, Nouns 3rd declension.

A sample dictionary of 40 words is included in the app. If this works for you then full dictionaries are available through in-app puchase.

So go to the App Store and search for "smart latin vocab tester" to download a lite version to see how you get on, it’s free.

To find out more, click: About the SMART Vocab Tester

Smart Grammar Tester

This app will be out in the near future. icon-grmmr