Latin Vocab SMART Tester

This is an advanced and bespoke GCSE, AS level and ISEB Common Entrance Latin vocab tester that adapts to your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to focus on the vocabulary that you don’t know rather than the ones you do. It’s integrated SMART Questioning ensures that you never have to keep answering words you know more than once, twice, three, four or even five times depending on the setting you choose. Not only that, but you can reset the SMART Questioning at any time. Plus, as this feature works for every single exercise, you can reset any or all of the exercises at any point.


So, apart from the SMART Questioning, what makes it so good?

  • it covers both the OCR GCSE (Foundation + Higher) and OCR AS LEVEL word lists, and the four ISEB Common Entrance word lists (levels 1, 2, and 3 and Scholarship);
  • you can stretch yourself even further with some English into Latin;
  • there are a mixture of Multiple Choice and Type-In questions that test you further;
  • you can choose to either be tested on any part of speech (or a selection thereof) or alphabetically, depending on how you have been learning your vocabulary list;
  • It includes words that are in addition to the exam reference word list that you will need to know at GCSE and AS such as numbers, irregular comparatives and superlatives and adverbs generated from adjectives;
  • you can choose how many questions you want to be asked in each test, how long each answer will be shown on the screen, whether you want SMART Questioning on or not and how many times you want to get a particular word right – it is designed for you to dictate how you want to be tested;
  • once downloaded, it can be used without internet access – all you need is the App;
  • there is a support team in place should you encounter a problem or just have a query about any of the Latin.


Designed specifically for the iPad and iPhone, it can be used on the go, so there is no need to sit at a desk with endless vocabulary tests. Your journey to school has never been so educational!