SMART Technology

There is nothing more frustrating than being asked questions on words that you know easily. SMART technology takes that frustration away by focusing on the words you don’t know.

How does it work? The SMART technology records the words that you get right. That way, the focus on the tests is on the words that you have still to get right. SMART Latin is not just a testing tool, it is a learning tool as well.

How do I know how well I am doing? On each exercise, there is a number in a circle. This number is the number of words you still need to get right:

RED = not started yet;

BLUE = on the way;

GOLD = completed!

Can I reset the SMART list at any point? Yes. In the settings option, you can reset the SMART Questioning for any of the exercises. Or where there is a gold circle, clicking that will reset that scope.

Front Menu

smart latin vocab tester It should be easy to get going with SMART Latin straight away.

Simply choose which options suit you from the 3 show and hide options (Translation, Test Type and For the verbs…) and hit Start Exercise.

If you want to be more specific in your testing, hit the CUSTOMISE button and make your choices from there. It couldn’t be easier!


On this page, either choose words beginning with a specific letter (Alphabetically)…

…or specific types of words (Grammatically).
Note that the Alphabetical scope is on the Latin word, (even for English to Latin). For verbs it is the first principal part that is used. There are only a few examples where this might confuse, e.g. eo,ire,ii all appear under the letter E! Where a word has gender specific parts then it is the first part that is used, e.g. is, ea, id all appear under the letter I.
smart latin vocab tester smart latin vocab tester

Once you have ticked the ones you want, tap on the START button to start the test.


If you want to…

1            Select which dictionary you want to work with

2            Change the number of questions in the test

3-4        Dictate how long the App shows the Correct and Incorrect answers for

5            Turn SMART Questioning On and Off

6            Choose how many times a word must be correct before going off the SMART List

7-8            Reset the SMART list

…go to the SETTINGS page (on the Front Menu) where it is all set out for you.


The demo version of this app comes with a Sample Dictionary, which is a selection of words from the UK OCR GCSE and AS level vocabulary list.

The Sample Dictionary provided contains 108 words, extracts from the above examination lists.

The following dictionaries contain all the words expected for the exam and in addition  –
* all regular adverbs formed from the listed adjectives,
* and the cardinal numbers 1 to 10, 100, 1000;

the GCSE Foundation contains 387 words.

GCSE Higher contains 518 words.

AS Level contains 909 words.

Note that not all GCSE words are in the AS level dictionary.

If you want to purchase one of the Dictionaries on offer, simply click on the padlocked dictionary you want and follow the usual App Store procedures.